Business Name: Worldnet Holiday Inc.

Address: 1799 Bayshore Hwy#288

                     Burlingame CA 94010

Phone#: 650-697-9188  Fax#: 650-697-9187

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Welcome to Worldnet Holiday ( Please read the following agreement, and your viewing information or using booking service provided by Worldnet Holiday indicates that you accept the following terms:

Statement of Service

Worldnet Holiday ( is an Internet information provider which collects tour service information offered by qualified hotels and travel agencies into Internet platform. Meanwhile, we help users contact such hotels and tour agents and book relevant tour service items from them through Internet.

Elements of tour itinerary products are all offered by qualified travel agencies strictly selected by Worldnet Holiday. Worldnet Holiday is only responsible for the standard description and guarantee of such agencies’ hardware facilities, instead of staff service or inconvenience caused by force majeure involving your consumption. Worldnet Holiday, however, will assist you in safeguarding your rights and interests.

Date and time of departure listed on Worldnet Holiday is the local time of destination, unless otherwise specified.

Statement of Eligibility

You shall be an individual not younger than 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you can’t use Worldnet Holiday unless you are supervised by your parent or legal guardian.

If you are an user under 18 years old and plans to book and join the tour itinerary product by yourself, please make such a remark when you placing the order. When Worldnet Holiday receives no remark from you, we will presume that you are at least 18 years old and may not afford any loss incurred due to your age. For example, travel agencies may refuse to offer you service or you may not able to check into a hotel.

Your Rights

During your trip, whether to join optional self-financed items (not including mandatory self-financed items specified in itinerary) is at your sole discretion, and tour agents may not force you to join them.

You have the right to require your tour guide to perform the contract if he/she defaults on contract during your trip.

Your Obligations

Before you select any product on the platform of Worldnet Holiday, you are obliged to read all related information and statements of such product, including but not limited to introduction, price, time and place of departure, announcement and terms on cancelation and modification. Once you place an order, we presume that you have read carefully, understood fully and consented completely to all related information of such a product.

Please ensure that you leave correct and working contact information, such as email address, cellular number when you place an order. If there is any change of your contact information, please immediately notify Worldnet Holiday.

Service provided by Worldnet Holiday will be sent to you by email first, so please check your email after you place an order.

If any itinerary information fails to reach you because you provided incorrect contact information or you fail to check or receive itinerary information, Worldnet Holiday may not be responsible for any charges or liabilities incurred there from.

You are obliged to bring all necessary travel documents (such as visas and identification documents) for entering the countries included in your itinerary. Different laws for entry are applied to people with different nationality, so Worldnet Holiday may not be responsible for noticing you about which travel document is currently required by each country. You shall be responsible for the charges if your itinerary is changed, canceled or tour group service is not available due to the absence of your travel documents.

You shall comply with laws and regulations published by government of destination, including immigrant and customs laws and regulations. Worldnet Holiday may not be responsible for the fine because of your violating the laws of the country visited.

Application Procedures and Payment Methods:

  1. USA Bus Tour Group: you can book an order in person at all major travel agencies, or book an order for a trip on Worldnet Holiday official website or call customer service staff of Worldnet Holiday for booking.
  2. Other trips: you can make order in person at all major travel agencies or call customer service staff of Worldnet Holiday for booking.
  3. Once tour fees are paid up, the booking is completed.
  4. The reservation of seat for a group tour on Worldnet Holiday website is subject to the priority of payment.
  5. This company reserves the right to cancel the booking of a customer who fails to pay fees seven days before the date of departure.
  6. This company reserves the right to stop a customer from joining the tour group when the customer fails to pay up all the tour fees at the time of departure.

Tour Items Includes:

  1. Transportation: commercial vehicles
  2. Hotel room: economic one-bed or tow-bed room.
  3. Sightseeing: the tickets of national park, excluding self-financed tickets, during the trip. We will rearrange the trip if there is any unforeseen circumstance (weather, time, safety, political or other force majeure factors).
  4. Professional guide.

Tour Items Excludes:

  1. Fees of self-financed items.
  2. All additional fees incurred for international or domestic air ticket due to early or late return.
  3. All types of insurance expenses and visa fees.
  4. All dining cost during the trip (the guide may make arrangement for self-financed meals).
  5. All private fees (such as fees for shopping, phone call, subscription television, laundry, beverage, liquor, mineral water, postage, individual health insurance expense, visas and overweighed luggage).
  6. Tips for guide and driver shall be paid in cash (each client pays $8 per day) on the vehicle to the guide. If there is pick-up or drop-off service, additional tips shall be paid (each customer pays $3 for a service).
  7. All members of tour group shall share the fees and cost arising from road closure due to weather, strike, traffic jam delay or other force majeure.
  8. All types of fees incurred from uncontrollable personal, political or natural reasons before the departure of tour.

Cancelation and Refund:

We only accept the order cancelation through email or fax. Some extra fees may arise from order cancelation, and the rules are as follows:

  1. if order is canceled more than 15 days before departure of tour, $10 is charged for each person.
  2. if order is canceled within 8-14 days before departure, 25% of tour fees is charged.
  3. if order is canceled within 3-7 days before departure, 50% of tour fees is charged.
  4. if order is canceled within 48 hours before departure, 100% of tour fee is charged.
  5. in light of possible change, we reserve the right to change or cancel a group tour, and the fees paid will be fully refunded or transferred to pay for other trips. This company shall not be subject to any other responsibilities, and no tour member shall claim for compensation for that reason.
  6. This company will not refund any fee paid or make any compensation if you drop out from your tour or fail to participate in any part of itineraries due to your personal reasons. This company shall provide any other services in regard to any activity you are involved after leaving the tour group.

Duties and Obligations:

  1. This company will try our best to take care of the different needs of customers into consideration in our arrangement of the itinerary. However, to ensure a perfect trip, you shall know your own health conditions well, as there may be many days for the tour, and you may visit and stay in places with different environments. We suggest that you shall assess your health conditions (such as hypertension, angiocardiopathy or respiratory diseases) before departure. Please understand that we may not refund or provide you any allowance for any extra expense, if you must drop out from tour group due to health reasons.
  2. Our emergency hotline: 650-697-9188.
  3. During your trip, please respect the arrangement of our guide, driver and other staffs. If there is any dispute on itinerary, please call our emergency line and communicate with us promptly. If you harass other clients or staffs, we reserve the right to terminate your participation of the tour group, and the activity you take after leaving the tour group shall have nothing to do with this company.
  4. If part of itinerary is affected by bad weather, holiday, exhibition period, sudden disaster, mechanical breakdown, political and other factors, our staff and representatives reserve the right to change itinerary and restaurant according to such situations, and customers shall not disagree in that regard. Any extra fees incurred for such incident shall be shared by all tour members. This company shall do our best to assist you.
  5. To protect the interest of group, our guides shall have the right to terminate your participation if you obstruct the normal operation of tour group and harm the interest of other group members (including repeated affecting other’s moods), and shall not refund you and payment. The activity you take after leaving the tour group shall have nothing to do with this company.
  6. This company shall not be liable for any loss, or refund any payment for any customer if you fail to show, are late, or drop out from the tour group due to your personal reason at any time during the tour.
  7. If you cancel the trip before departure, you shall apply for cancelation pursuant to our cancelation and modification rules. If you do not comply with the rules or fail to apply for cancelation within the time limit, no payment may be refunded.
  8. Please keep your personal belongings in safe place during your trip. If you lose some item(s), our guide and driver will try their best to assist you in looking for such item(s), but we have no duty to promise to find such item(s). If we find such item(s), we will put them under our custody for a month. If you fail to claim the item(s) within the time limit, such item(s) will be donated to charity.
  9. If less than 10 customers join a tour group, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour and refund advance money or tour fees paid, and we may not compensate for other damage or loss.
  10. Hotel provides no more than two beds for a standard room.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in hotel rooms. If you break this rule, you may be subject to fine based on hotel regulations.








您必須是18周歲或18周歲以上的個體。 如果您未滿18周歲, 您可以在父母或法定監護人的帶領下使用八達遊假期。





在您選擇八達遊假期平台上的任何一款產品前, 您有責任閱讀與該產品相關的所有信息和聲明,包括但不限於:行程介紹、價格明細、出發時間地點、注意事項、取消和修改條例。一旦您訂購成功,我們將認為您已仔細閱讀、充分理解並完全同意所有與該產品相關的上述信息。



1. 美國巴士團:您可親臨各大代理報名、八達遊官網訂購行程或者致電八達遊假期由客服人員為您處理訂位。
2. 其他行程可親臨各大代理報名或者致電八達遊假期由客服人員為您處理訂位。
3. 各行程報名時繳清全部團費即確認訂位成功。
4. 八達遊假期 團體行程座位保留以繳費順序為準。
5. 出團前七天未繳費者,本公司有權自動取消訂位。
6. 出團前未全數繳交團費者,本公司有權拒絕其參加。



1. 交通 :商務用車。
2. 酒店房間:經濟型酒店單床房式或者是雙床房式。
3. 觀光:行程中除自費以外的國家公園門票,若有突發狀況(天氣、時間、安全、政治因素或其他不可抗力因素),我們會重新安排行程。
4. 專業導遊。


1. 自選項目費用。
2. 任何國際或國內機票,提早或者遲返回所產生之一切費用。
3. 各類保險、簽證費用。
4. 行程中所有餐飲費用(旅行途中導遊可以安排膳食,自費)
5. 所有私人性質的花費(例如購物費用、電話費、收費電視、洗衣費、飲料、酒類、礦泉水、郵費、個人旅遊健康保險費、簽證費、行李超重費等等)。
6. 導遊與司機的小費,需另行以現金的方式(每位旅客每天$8)在車上支付給導遊。若涉及接送機服務,需額外支付小費(每位旅客每次$3)。
7. 所有旅行團團員將平均分擔由於天氣罷工封路、延遲交通阻塞或其他不可抗力有產生之費用。
8. 出發前後因私人、政治或者自然因素而本公司不能控制而引致的各項費用。



1. 出團前15天,收取每人10美金手續費。
2. 出團前8-14天,收取每人25%團費。
3. 出團前3-7天,收取每人50%團費。
4. 出團前48小時內,收取100%團費。
5. 鑑於可能發生之變化,本公司保留出發前更改或者取消旅行團之權利,已交付費用悉數退還或轉做其他出發日行程之旅費,本公司不付任何其他責任,團員不可藉故要求賠償。
6. 如因私人因素中途退出或者未能參加行程內任何行程,本公司概不退回任何已付費用,也不會以其他服務賠償其離團後之一切行動,概予本公司無涉。



1. 本公司行程安排盡量考量客人不同需求,為追求行程的順暢,各位貴賓應能掌握自己的身體建康狀況,長天數的行程,有可能會參訪和您居住環境不同的地方,本公司建議在行程出發之前,可以針對您可能有的身體狀態做評估(如高血壓、心血管疾病或呼吸器官等),如果有因個人身體健康而必須提前離團,本公司恕不退款,也不補助其他額外產生的費用。
2. 本公司設置有緊急連絡電話 : 650-697-9188
3. 行程計畫進行中、旅客請尊重導遊、司機及其他工作人員之安排,如遇意見分歧、行程看法矛盾之情形,請致電緊急連絡電話 650-697-9188 及時溝通,若旅客在汽車上或行程進行中有任何滋擾他人或工作人員之行為,本公司將基於安全考量,有權透過法律途徑終止該旅客之參加行程資格。自該旅客離團之時起,一切行為皆與八達遊假期無關。
4. 如遇天氣、假期、展會期間、意外災難、機械故障或政治等因素影響部份行程,則本公司之代表人員有權視當時之情況,保留本行程之更動權及變換飯店之權利,團員不得異議,因而產生之額外消費,需由旅客自行負擔差額費用,本公司當盡協助之義務。
5. 基於維護團隊權益,凡有旅客妨礙團隊正常運作及利益情況者(包括反覆影響他人情緒),本公司導遊有權取消其繼續參團之資格,剩餘團費恕不奉還,並自離隊起一切行為均與本公司無關。
6. 旅客於行程中若因個人因素缺席、遲到或中途離團,本公司將不負責任何損失,且不退還剩餘天數之團費。
7. 出團前因個人因素取消行程者,請按照本公司取消與修改條例辦理,違反或逾期者無法進行退款。
8. 請各位貴賓遊客於行程中,妥善保管個人用品,本公司導遊及司機會盡力協助客人尋找失物,但不負保證尋回之責。若經尋獲,本公司將代為保管,期限一個月,逾期將全數捐贈慈善團體。
9. 當旅客人數不足10人時,本公司有權取消出團,並退還預付之訂金或團費,不負其他賠償損失之責任。
10. 酒店標準配備最多兩床,恕無法另外加床。
11. 酒店房間內不可以抽煙,若違反規定會依照酒店規定收取罰款。